“I started this company when I purchased my first truck while employed as a dispatcher.  The initial investment was a huge risk, but I was certain that I could improve the industry and build a company that I could be proud of by holding our core values and vision close.  Fast forward a decade with numerous pieces of equipment moving thousands of loads a year processed by a family of employees – I’m happy I took that risk.”  -David Zwalinski/CEO

Our Mission:

Our purpose is to embrace the constantly evolving landscape of logistics, providing a comfortable and nurturing environment for our staff, and creating meaningful engagement with our customers and partners.

Our Vision:

Our Vision is to drive innovation across the industry to foster positive change in technology, processes, communication, and flexibility.   Allowing us to expand our customer relationships, enhance our service, and to enable growth as a logistics industry leader.

Our Values:

Technical Knock Out:

A boxing term describing a situation where one boxer is judged the winner after knocking the other down three times.

We are not condoning violence, but metaphorically we strive to TKO every one of our customers by knocking them off their feet with our exceptional support, service, and care of their shipments… not just once, but each and every time we have the pleasure of working with them.  We do this by holding ourselves, our team, and our partners to our core values:

  • Integrity – we are guided in all capacities by our strict moral and ethical code.
  • Safety – for our drivers, staff, assets, and data it is paramount to our operation.
  • Innovation – to lead our industry in its evolution.
  • Customer Devotion – always get it right, or make it right.
  • Team Building – There is no I in TKO.