The new Cascadia is designed to be even more aerodynamic than previous generations. Advances in aerodynamics and powertrain components have contributed to increased fuel efficiency by up to 8% over a 2016 Cascadia Evolution with an Integrated Detroit™ Powertrain (IDP) including a GHG14 DD15® engine, DT12™ automated manual transmission and 2.41 direct drive axle ratio.* Designing the new Cascadia’s aerodynamic shape and components required scientific precision. Engineers used computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and Daimler Trucks North America’s proprietary wind tunnel — the only full-scale OEM-owned and -operated wind tunnel in North America — to test, modify and optimize the new Cascadia’s aerodynamics.

The new Cascadia comes standard with an aerodynamic bumper with an integrated air deflector,
a new, more sloped hood, an aerodynamic four-bar grille, new aerodynamic mirrors, 12” side extenders
and a third door seal that keeps air from flowing through the door jamb. Moving to the next level of aerodynamics, the Aero package adds to the base model truck our full back-of-cab chassis fairings, flexible chassis skirts, 20” side extenders and push-button removable wheel covers. To maximize the aerodynamics of the new Cascadia, you’ll want to select the AeroX package. In addition to all the components found in the Aero package, the AeroX package adds a low ground clearance flexible air dam to the front bumper, 24” side extenders that close the back of the cab to trailer gap even more and our proprietary drive wheel fairings.

Interior Cabin


The new Cascadia features a variety of configurations to provide customizable living-space options on the road. The sleeper area has been redesigned to include larger passenger- and driver-side storage cabinets and a wardrobe cabinet with four inches of additional hanging length. Additionally, the Driver’s Lounge features a larger microwave cabinet that will accommodate standard appliances and a new, larger refrigerator with matching cabinetry or a customer-supplied refrigerator option. For entertainment, the new Cascadia also features a sturdy television swivel bracket that can hold up to a 26” flat-panel TV for movie-theater-like viewing. The new Cascadia offers a traditional double-bunk arrangement option available with a new, easily released telescoping ladder rated at 400 lbs. And the Driver Loft features a two-seat dinette/work table and opposing seating with seat belts. These can be folded flat to allow a full, Murphy-style bed to swing down in less than 30 seconds. The 72” raised roof Driver’s Lounge also comes standard with LED ambient lighting and dimmer switch so drivers can personalize their light levels. The new Cascadia offers several DC power outlets. However, if you need additional power in the sleeper, the new Cascadia offers a variety of powerful inverter and inverter pre-wire options that give power to AC-powered items.